Eligible Ladies

Lady Adwen (Glory 740; APP 18) The beautiful young daughter of Sir Bles, who was killed in battle. Her holding would make her husband a banneret and a rich knight. Holdings: 2 demesne manors, 4 enfeoffed manors.

Lady Elaine (Glory 258; APP 18) Elaine is a beautiful woman whose first husband was killed by her base-born lover a few years ago, and who was subsequently hung. Holdings: 4 demensne manors

Lady Gwiona (Glory 856; APP 16) Gwiona is the 2nd handmaiden of Countess Ellen. She is the heiress of 2 manors. Her last 4 suitors were all killed in war shortly after proposing to her. Holdings: Demesne manors

Lady Indeg (Glory 2,140; APP 12) A 40 year old woman, the richest heiress of the county, holding 3 manors in her own right. She has been widowed twice, so she can choose her own husband this time. Holdings: 2 demesne manors, plus £2/year extra income. Widow’s Holdings (Gifts) 3 manors.

Lady Jenna (Glory 192; APP 14) Daughter to Earl Roderick and Lady Ellen, Jenna is still a girl and not yet marriageable, but her promised dowry is significant! Promised holdings: 5 demesne manors; 5 effeoffed manors; the town of Upton (annual income £12)

Eligible Ladies

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