Britain is divided into five areas: Logres, Cambria, Cumbria, Pictland and Cornwall. Furthermore, several Saxon kingdoms inhabit the eastern coastal regions.


Logres is the lowland region of Britain previously ruled by the Romans, who established many great cities. Your character’s county, Salisbury, is located here. Logres is the largest and most powerful kingdom of Britain and home of British civilizations and culture. It includes about one hald of the island’s population. It is divided into several regions that are loosely based on the pre-Roman tribal areas. However, those tribal regions have been subdivided into administrative counties, each ruled by a count (Though a couple have dukes instead). These Roman-imposed regions are stronger and more practical than older divisions.


Cambria is the western region of Britain. It is sometimes called Wales or, in the french fashion, Gales. Cambria, however, extends eastward beyond modern Wales to include a much larger region.
Two strong kings contend for power in Cambria. In the south, King Lak rules over Estregales. His subjects are generally descendants of ancient Irish raiders who settled here. He receives faelty from lords of Escavalon, Gloucester and Cardigan.
The lands of Gomeret and Isles (Anglesey and the Holy Isle) including Cheshire, are ruled by King Pellinore, an ambitious and difficult king. He is a fair and just man, but his passion for the hunt sometimes overcomes his obligations to his kingdom. Still, his people love him, and he has protected the land well from Irish raiders.

The interior of Cambria is all rugged mountains and forests. Many tribesfolk live there, outside the rule of any king or civilized ways.


The people of Cumbria are often called the ‘’northern British.’’ Cumbria includes all lands north of the Humber River and south of the Pictish mountains. Much of this region is of morr-covered mountains or dense unexplored forest.
King Lot, The King of Lothian, is the preeminent king of the north. He comes from the northern islands of the Orkneys but rules over Lothian. He also has allainces with many Pictish tribes. Thought Lot is dominant, the rulers of most of the other British kingdoms have not submitted to him.

Cornwall and Brittany

Cornwall and Brittany are ‘’the west’’. Cornwall includes the entire southwestern peninsula of the British Isle (an area much larger than the Cornwall of modern times). It is famous for its rich tin mines and its close political connections with Brittany, whose settlers have been populating and dominating the northern half of the peninsula for a generation.
Cornwall is divided between two rulers. Only Duke Gorlois has submitted to Uther Pendragon. The northwestern half of it is ruled over by Duke Gorlois; his wife, Ygraine, is the most renowned beauty in Britain. The southeastern half is ruled by king Idres, who also rules most of northern Brittany.
Brittany was once a Roman province, but it was severely depopulated by barbarians and disease, and has recently been settled by emigrants from Britain. Its coastal lands are rich and thriving, although the interior is a wild and enchanted forest. Most of the north is ruled by old King Idres of Totnes, the Cornish king. King conan of Vannetais, in the south, is the other major ruler, ambitious and troubled by a fierce hatred for the King of France.

The Saxon Coast

Several regions of eastern Britain have been settled by Germanic peoples from the northern mainland of Europe. Collectively, they are called Saxons, though technically not all are from Saxony. Saxons currently hold Sussex, while the Jutes hold Kent. Angles holds the lands of Nohaut and Diera. These regions each thier own kings.
Although they are hostile to the Cymry, the ’’Saxons’’ are also rivals, and a rough peace is maintained through a high king called a Bretwalda, who is currently King Ælle.


Pictland includes everything north of Cumbria. Most of it is mountain, unexplored and unknown to anyone except the wild, tattooed natives. Its rugged western coastline, called the Long Isles, is occupied by Irish from the powerful kingdom Dal Riada.
The wild tribesmen of this region regularly raid and pillage Britain, returning home with plunder.


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