484: The squires prove their worth

3 young promising squires, Lluddnt, Marius and Ulric, are charged by Sir Elad to investigate a village. The village of Bapton has issued reports concerning a huge bear terrorising the local peasants. Work has since stopped due to the menace and the squires are charged with dealing with the problem.

Before the squires set off they are issued with a final challenge to their skills with a lance by Sir Elad. This soon becomes a fast, as out of 6 attempts the targets are only successfully hit once by the young squires. With Marius being knocked off his horse while attempting the feat of arms.

Sir Elad disappointed by the squires sends them off to the village to try prove their worth. The squires depart directly at once arriving in the evening. Arriving at the small improvised village, they soon try the local peasants where Old Garr could be found.

Old Garr provides the village with spiritual aid and leadership in daily activities. He is a gnarled old man with a generous demeanour. He tries to belay the squires’ suspicion that it is actually the peasants causing the troubles around these parts. Lluddnt is sceptical to everything the villages suggest, but doesn’t refuse to have Old Garr help them search the forest. He does however refuse to remove his armour due to his suspicion of peasant attack in the forest.

After a series of pathetic attempts to try find the bear through the evening the 3 decide to head back to the village. Where they’re all tempted to succumb to the party atmosphere and revel in debauchery for the night. The next morning they set off early to attempt to capture this bear. And fail. Again. They spend a whole day and looking for this bear before they decide to head back to the village…

Where upon they stumble onto the bear and launch themselves into combat against the giant bear. In the chaos of combat in the dark Ulric, who had been most dangerous to the bear, is struck in the hip with such force by Lluddnt he is knocked clean off his feet.

Ulric, the youngest and bravest of the squires, quaffs a magical potion and launches back into the combat with a heavy limp. The 3 squires finally best the huge bear, with Ulric finally getting the telling blow on the beast. They then take to butchering the beast for trophies of their noble deeds.

They return to the village and yet again party the last few hours of the night away. Then come morning, after the peasant give their thanks to the heroes, they set off back to Sir Elad.

They are beset by a rag-tag group of bandits demanding money from these noticeably rich men. A short skirmish ensues which the squires prevail. Ulric and Lluddnt run down men who had tried to flee while Marius takes one hostage.

They return to court celebrated for their deeds, but receiving the ire of Sir Jaradan. The young squires set about talking directly to every available woman in the court of any note. Ending with the squires and ladies taking to the boats. They send a romantic evening with their amors for the evening…

Then Ulric gets married to Elaine ‘The faceless woman’ in a rushed choice to beget a son to continue his family, which have a tendency to die young.

Lluddnt brother, Owain, has rumours that plague him during the winter that he practices dark arts.

Marius’ aunt, Emailly, has gone missing. Her noble husband has not managed to find any traces of her, he has sent word to Marius in hopes he maybe find what has happened.


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