Ulric von Gunther

Cursed with the ugliest face in Logres, locked into a constant snarl even while trying to court fair ladies. Worse is to come if you wait for him to speak, in contrast to the threatening face of a rapist, his voice is high pitched and has a nasal quality.


Durnford is home to the Von Gunthers, an unfortunate name due to the hostilities between the Britons and the Saxons.

The hall is built right next to the riverbank, over looking a beautiful ford outside the town of Great Durnford. It is said the Von Gunthers spend more time in the river than the otters!

Great Durnhold is the only town within Von Gunther land, it has a population of approx. 100 people. It has a church in the center of the town and several mills.

Great Durnhold is supplemented by 3 villages: Upper Woodford, Middle Woodford and Lower Woodford.

Ulric von Gunther

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