A short, but broad shouldered young man, with faint hints of facial hair. Much is told of his skill with a lance, but has yet to test it in a joust.


Laverstock is home to the ………., having received the lands after the night of long knives.

The hall is built next to a large, dark foreboding forest. The lords of Laverstock often called upon to defend their lands from threats from the forest. Laverstock depends on the timber for its revenue, its lands are mostly marshland, so there is fear and respect for this ancient wood bordering their lands.

Laverstock is the only town within ………….. land, it has a population of approx. 120 people. It has a church in the center of the town and several mills.

Great Durnhold is supplemented by 3 villages: East Harnham, Britford and Milford.



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